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XVAN sample stories

Following IF works written in XVAN are currently available:

Cloak of Darkness.
The XVAN implementation of Roger Firth’s reference game.
The story file can be found here. Cloak of Darkness uses the XVAN Library.

Story, library and game binary in one zip.

Bronze  (play)
To show that XVAN can handle moderate to large size games, I made an XVAN port of Emily Short’s game “Bronze”. Bronze is originally written in Inform 7.

Bronze has pretty sophisticated lighting and listen capabilities. I dissected the Inform 7 sources and ported the mechanisms, not the external behavior in relevant situations (which would have been much easier).

Many thanks to Emily Short for allowing me to create a derivative work.

Click here for the story file. Bronze does not use the XVAN library or IFI library, it has its own library instead.

Story, library and game binary in one zip.

Escape! (play)
This game evolved from a series of puzzle scenarios that I developed to test XVAN functionalities.

In Escape! you are the protagonist in an XVAN game and you must try to escape from it. There’s an npc named Fred, who monitors you progress and may give you some clues. At some point you have to study the XVAN source code from the room where you are in to find out how to get out.

I submitted Escape! In The Spring Thing 2019 and got recommendations for best puzzles and best npc.

The Escape! story file. Escape! uses both the XVAN library and IFI Library, as well as an include file with some extra definitions.

Everything, including the game binary, in one zip.



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