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XVAN libraries

XVAN has 2 libraries that can be used when writing stories. Using the libraries is optional, but they contain a lot of predefined actions etc that you are likely going to need anyway.

XVAN Library

The normal XVAN Library has - among other things - 48 predefined actions (verbs).

The XVAN library can be downloaded here.

The Library is documented in two documents: a general description and a document describing the predefined verbs.

IFI Library

The IFI Library was written for use with IFI-XVAN. With IFI-XVAN, the XVAN interpreter serves as a back end to the GUI developed by Strandgames. The IFI Library handles the communication between the XVAN back-end and the GUI.

The IFI Library requires that you also use the XVAN Library.

The IFI library can be downloaded here.

More information on IFI-XVAN is in the documentation section..



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