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XVAN Interactive Fiction Authoring System

XVAN is a parser-based Interactive Fiction (text adventure) authoring tool.

XVAN consists of an authoring language, an optional library, a compiler and 3 types of interpreters: terminal window, Glk-window and GUI.

XVAN is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS, in English and Dutch.

This is what Cloak of Darkness looks like in XVAN.

Getting started

To get a basic understanding of how XVAN works, there is the Introduction document

The tutorial teaches how to develop an XVAN IF-work from scratch. This helps to get a good understanding of the basics. However, in general you want to use the library as a head start for your games.

XVAN IF works

Escape! is a medium length game that was entered in The Spring Thing 2019. It received badges for best puzzles and best NPC.

Bronze is the XVAN port of the Inform 7 game Bronze by Emily Short. I made it (with permission) to test the XVAN engine and show that XVAN can handle a medium+ size game.


The XVAN sources are available under the GPLv3 license.



  (c) Marnix van den Bos contact: marnix@xvan.nl